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The Meat Guy

When a passion enters your life and, shall we say, “takes over”. You have two choices to make. The first and most obvious choice for most of us missing the enterprise gene is to let the moment pass then see what it feels like in the cold light of morning. Whether or not it was a good idea. The second choice, and the one followed by those who are truly blessed with the industry gene. Is to follow the passion wherever it leads you. For Charlie Torgerson his “passion” awakened and first led him to Alaska then into a life heavily shrouded in spice rubs, sauces and wood smoke.

The Bug Man

Here’s a dream many of us have had in the restaurant business. We’re sitting at a table in our favorite restaurant. Over the shoulder of our companion at the table, a fly buzzes lazily in the sunlight. We reach for our soda glass and absent mindedly shoo away a fruit fly swirling over the glass. You open the napkin covered breadbasket of warm rolls to find a few black specks that don’t look like poppy seeds. At the table next to you, you notice a something crawling up the leg of the empty chair. It’s a cockroach. Just then a woman screams on the other side of the room. You can clearly hear her yell…mouse! As the commotion rises you look more carefully around the room and realize… this is your dining room!

The Passion of Chili

This is not a story about a passion for Chili, it’s about the passion of the chili. A fervor that encompasses more than a desire for just a hearty bowl of meat stewed in spices. And it doesn’t matter whether there are beans involved or if there’s a specific condiment to dress the potion. Because in the world of chili created by Brian Walusis and his partner Mason Downey in the small river town of Miamisburg, Ohio chili is elevated and celebrated as a locally inspired craft no less involved or honored than any other culinary artisan craft.

There are several meccas of chili in the United States. The few that come easily to mind are Albuquerque, New Mexico for its green chile and pork version. Then there’s the red chile and beef potion sold on the plazas of San Antonio for nearly 200 years by the Chili Queens. Why there’s still a reverent following of the hand chopped beef and pork version simmered with spices, tomatoes and beans once found only at the Hollywood restaurant of Dave Chasen. These are all examples of how great food can and will pop up in the most unimaginable places. So, to find a restaurant in the small hamlet of Miamisburg, Ohio dedicating itself to chili is not a stretch at all.